Soapbox Mobile Tool®

The Soapbox Mobile Tool® provides a real-time, custom experience for each advocate that allows them to see accurate schedules before they come to town, and then provides push notifications, easy feedback, and other tools to support your efforts.

The Soapbox Mobile Tool® is not an app; there is nothing to download or install. A cloud-based tool accessible from any web-connected device, the Soapbox Mobile Tool® can usually be incorporated seamlessly with other conference apps.

The Soapbox Mobile Tool® provides:

  • Preliminary schedules delivered directly to your advocates in advance of your event
  • Detailed integration of key committees, co-sponsors, caucuses etc.
  • Real-time schedule changes via push notification
  • System-wide day of event alerts
  • Walking directions to meetings
  • Meeting feedback engine with customized questions
  • Easy meeting photo collection tool
  • Soapbox Help Desk button
  • Multiple PDF holders for your documents

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