Turn-Key Advocacy Days, Lobby Days, & Fly-Ins

One firm in Washington, D.C. has spent nearly 25 years creating strategic tools for indelible advocacy days and fly-ins. We measure success along three lines—intelligently assisting with our clients' legislative strategies, providing a valuable experience for their advocates, and reliably cultivating relationships on Capitol Hill. Soapbox remains the premier, non-partisan resource for associations, public interest groups, and coalitions when they need congressional lawmakers to see that real advocates show up.

Client deliverables:

  • Comprehensive appointment scheduling by seasoned government relations pros with extensive Capitol Hill relationships and experience
  • Customized approach to each office emphasizing constituent geography, existing relationships, and service locations
  • Non-partisan access to every office
  • Regular tracking reports and maps provide detailed scheduling progress
  • 24-7 project information via Soapbox Client Dashboard
  • Customizable feedback engine via Soapbox Mobile Tool®
  • Multiple document holders via Soapbox Mobile Tool®
  • System-wide push notifications on day of event via Soapbox Mobile Tool®

For the advocates:

  • Preliminary schedules via the Soapbox Mobile Tool®
  • Individual printed schedules for all participants that integrate key committee members, co-sponsorships, caucus memberships, votes, etc.
  • On-site Congressional Help Desk on your training day
  • Real-time push notifications for changes via the Soapbox Mobile Tool
  • Comprehensive logistics presentation and Mobile Tool instructions on day of event
  • Optional: Executive call-through to assess complicated geography, existing relationships, and travel plans
  • Optional: Interactive Hill Prep. advocacy training with Christopher Kush, MPP

Learn more about the Soapbox Advocacy Day Mobile Tool®.

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