Our Three Core Constituencies: Clients, Advocates, Congress

clients, congress, advocates: our three core constituencies

Everything Soapbox does addresses the needs of these three core constituencies:

  • Your advocates get a consistent, executive-level experience which includes real-time schedule information via our Soapbox MobileĀ® Tool, a live Help Desk while they are on Capitol Hill, and an easy-to-use feedback/photo engine to report on their meetings afterward.

  • Government relations professionals enjoy a robust suite of services that reflect your legislative strategies through integrated key committee and bill co-sponsorship tracking, detailed reporting throughout the process, and 24/7 information access to monitor project status.

  • Senators, Representatives, and their staff recognize that Soapbox proactively and professionally addresses the needs of working Capitol Hill offices by providing accurate, updated rosters, immediate live assistance for last-minute changes, and actively identifying no-shows before they happen.