Turn-Key Advocacy Days and Fly-Ins

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Securing a legislative meeting for a constituent is not always an easy task. On average, getting on the calendar at a legislative office takes six phone calls and/or emails. That's why so many meetings fall through the cracks and why so many Government Relations departments come to a screeching halt in the weeks before a fly-in or advocacy day.

A Soapbox Advocacy Day not only frees your staff from the chaos of securing the meetings, it provides a professional-level service to your advocates that communicates to them that you take their advocacy seriously.

Soapbox Advocacy Days include:

Soapbox Advocacy Day Mobile App

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Free participant access to Soapbox Advocacy Day Mobile App with:

Free client access to Soapbox Advocacy Day Mobile Master App with:

The Soapbox Advocacy Day Mobile App makes also provides clients with the following amazing capabilities:

To find out how Soapbox Consulting can make your Advocacy Days and Fly-ins easier, contact Angela Taylor.

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