Existing Clients:
Soapbox Advocacy Day "Phone-In (not Fly-In)" Option

In light of coronavirus developments, Soapbox has been asked by several of our clients for strategic options. For our clients that wish to cancel their Spring 2020 events while preserving their scheduled meetings with legislative offices, we have created a "Phone-In (not Fly-In)" Option which allows the majority of legislative meetings to continue as scheduled while limiting human contact on Capitol Hill.

How the process works:

  1. Clients schedule webinar (at same time as original briefing) to present a Phone-In script (inluding options for leaving a message) and Soapbox's Phone-In instructions.
  2. Soapbox assigns one advocate to each scheduled meeting to call at the scheduled meeting time. (Note: we are recommending setting up conference calls on Capitol Hill.)
  3. The Soapbox Mobile Tool notifies advocates of their assigned meeting times, staff names, and phone numbers. The Phone-In script and briefing documents can also be included.
  4. Advocates make their calls on the original Fly-In date at the scheduled times.
  5. Advocates use the Soapbox Mobile Tool to provide feedback on the phone calls.

If you wish to use this option, please contact Christopher Kush as soon as possible so that we can begin converting your current meetings:

New Clients:
Soapbox Fly-In Rescue Program

You and your advocates have invested a serious amount of time and treasure to make your 2020 fly-in a success. Soapbox can help preserve your scheduled fly-in meetings by converting them to phone calls and conference calls.

Soapbox provides a quick, comprehensive, and well-organized process with:

  • Access to Soapbox Team of 10 seasoned fly-in organizers
  • Extensive Capitol Hill relationships
  • Detailed Soapbox logistics presentation for briefing webinar
  • Exclusive Soapbox Mobile Tool with:
    • Individual call info
    • Phone script
    • Easy-to-use feedback engine
    • Live Help Desk for advocates

Other benefits:

  • Distinguish yourself as one of the groups that manages to stay visible during this crisis
  • Preserve one-on-one relationship-building between Hill staff and your advocates
  • Keep same day of original event for focused message
  • More impactful than a social media-only "virtual" strategy

To explore this option further, please contact Christopher Kush: